Following an epic few months, including collaborations with Rob Sonic, DJ Sol Messiah, and extensive media attention for his critically acclaimed previous release ‘Jehovah’, Hiphop artist Lane Shuler is returning once again.

Alongside playing major festivals such as Big Ears Music Festival with Billy Woods and Tank and The Bangas, as well as NACA Spokane, he’s also been hard at work finalising upcoming releases at The Hideaway in Minneapolis alongside legendary producer Joe Mabbott.

Now, Lane is kicking off his latest phase of releases with the song Mathematics, featuring Good Guy Collective MC Michael Deon.

The song is a nod to classic boom bap style, a departure from Shuler’s more progressive sound of his previous records, and features a driving sample from Johnny Mathis’s 1957 song “It’s Not For Me To Say”.

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ARTICLE: Andy Kettle
IMAGE: Lane Shuler