Meet Ned Wellbery aka Leedz a former dj, he books and promotes some of the dopest hip hop shows in the New England area. Some big names he’s worked with are Kendrick Lamar, Talib Kweli, Immortal Technique, Raekwon The Chef, Mob Deep, Mac Miller, Styles P, Clipse, Camron, Pete Rock, Dj Premier and many more.

For the past 15 years since 2004 his business ‘Leedz Edutainment’ has grown to become one of Boston’s top Hip Hop promotions company. In this interview Leedz tells us how he runs his company and shares some crazy standout moments that happened on while on the job.

Peace Leedz where’s home?

The city of Boston MA!

What’s your role at Leedz Edutainment?

I founded the company in 2004 and work as general manager, talent buyer, and promoter.

How long have you been doing this business?

Just celebrated 15 years.

Are you also a label, what services do you offer?

We work as a record label on certain projects. We promote live events and offer marketing and promotions to artists and businesses.

Who are some hot trending artists you work with at the moment?

This year we promoted some crazy shows with Kota The Friend, Hieroglyphics, Griselda, Ari Lennox, Gza, Boogie, Smif N Wessun, Jay Electronica, and many more. We also put out an album in March from Massachusetts artist, Rite Hook, which is an incredible project.

What makes Leedz Edutainment different than the others?

We specialize in Hip Hop not just rap. We really love the music, culture, and local community in New England. From that positive energy we get great results.

How big is your team?

Right now its just my associate Jake Milo and I. But really we work with the entire local music community.

How do you get your clients?

People hit us up mostly. They see our work and want to get involved.

Wildest moment ever at one of your events??

That I can talk about? ha. Coolio rode a fan like a horse, Jim Jones incited a riot, Action Bronson body slammed someone, Talib Kweli got in a heated argument with a sound guy on stage, and Stitches asked me to park his tour bus in the middle of the road.

Do you think Boston gets its props as for its hip hop scene and culture?

We got a good rep but we got to keep growing it.

Long term goals?

Create more music industry jobs in New England.

Last words or shout outs?

Thanks for reaching out to me. S/O to everyone reading this. Hit me up at or on social media @leedzedu!

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Leedz Edutainment