Get ready to have your ears blessed with some sick lofi beats. Legacy Echo, a UK-based hip-hop record label introduces “Legacy Echo Volume 2,” a compilation of Beat Makers.

This is 20-track instrumental boom bap hip hop compilation of worldwide talent. Legacy Echo put together 20 dope beat makers from various corners of the world, released 8-18-23, it does not disappoint.

This compilation has got something for everyone check out the album cover? It’s a masterpiece created by Scarborough UK aerosol Stylewriter and producer, Kista who also contributed a beat to this project.

“Legacy Echo Volume 2″ is available for digital streaming and you can also grab it on a double 12” vinyl gatefold LP record but it’s limited to only 100 copies! Vinyl collectors, act fast!

Stay tuned to the @legacy_echo record label for updates and release details.

UK Manchester Label Legacy Echo's Volume 2 Compilation Of Beat Makers


1. Raky Mcfly – “Nothing Else”

2. Kista – “Innerspaces”

3. Chilla Ninja – “Back In The Daze”

4. 1200Bax – “Underground”

5. Sturks – “Down In Time”

6. Vandolizm – “All or Nothing”

7. Dexplorist – “Routine Check”

8. 90VO x M1mo – “96Episode”

9. Strange Soul – “Juice Box”

10. Dylan Sykes – “Like This”

11. Kristian Gjerstad – “Drops, Slops & Chops”

12. Deadchannel9000 – “Broken Protocol”

13. Jon Fu – “Flip In The Game”

14. TNK – “Coming Around”

15. Nikkuubeats – “Coldest Winter”

16. Thomas Tempest – “Defy”

17. DJ Madhandz – “Method of Madness”

18. 2S.Beatz Productions – “L.Y.W.B”

19. Rawson – “Gotta Be Strong”

20. Damon Flores – “RAW”