LitmanOne, a seasoned producer and hip-hop connoisseur from Cologne, Germany, boasts over two decades of experience in the industry, fueled by his passion for vinyl and crate digging.

In a landscape where musical trends wax and wane, LitmanOne remains committed to his craft, honoring his roots while continually refining his sound.

His discography includes instrumental albums and notable collaborations with artists such as Mr. Ripley (Rulerz Inc), Vitality MC, and Negative Lee Nyce, earning him recognition on esteemed labels like Chopped Herring Records and Rulerz Inc.

Building upon the success of Isotopes, LitmanOne drops his latest offering, “Too Lit to Quit,” a 12-track beat tape bursting with underground classic boom-bap jazzy chill hop vibes, dark hazy lo-fi samples and more.

1. the zoo is breaking loose 02:20
2. whuut hit me 02:23
3. the duet 01:57
4. root of soul 02:14
5. shaolin tea time 02:26
6. hopeful joy 02:27
7. indeed 02:20
8. woodstock vibes 02:55
9. tha jazz 02:34
10. pursuit of excellence 02:28
11. black steal 02:32
12. precious life 02:17