Your first hip hop experience?

My first hip hop experience is also my first hip hip memory. Without question and without hesitation seeing the Salt N Pepa’s “Push It” video for the first time.

This would have been 1987, so not long after my mom and I had moved to LA the first time. I just remember being completely entranced by the beat, the rhymes, the fashion, the dancing. It was just so new and exciting and sexy, and I knew I wanted more.

How do people respond when you tell them you do country rap?

To be honest, I don’t really consider myself a “country rapper”. I take pride in writing quality songs that I feel more comfortable rapping, and in this case, they just happen to be meshed with country. But to answer your question more specifically, they usually trip out when they hear me flow.. lol.

Coming from Nashville how would you describe that music scene?

I am without a doubt a proud Nashvillian and honored to be born here. But I’ve spent most of my life back and forth between Nashville and LA. So I feel like I’ve had the best of both worlds…

I’m just now getting immersed in the scene here, but I know its diversified so much over the years. I do think the hip hop scene is still growing and I hope to be part of making it even bigger.

Who are some big names in your city you’d love to work with?

Oh man… That’s a tough one! I mean when Young Buck went major that changed the game for me. So of course I’d love to work with him. But then you have the producer Bandplay who I’m a big fan of…

And even though this is kinda off-genre (and Nashville is an adoptive city for two of them), Kid Rock, Jelly Roll, and Yelawolf. I just really dig how they started as MC’s but the branched out and started to sing.

I think that could be an evolution for me as artist. And lastly, my dream collab is Tim McGraw. I just love music and am a fan of so many artists in so many genres. Imagine Tim McGraw, Me and Tyler The Creator on a track. I mean come on man!!!

Favorite hip hop spots in Cashville?

To be honest, I haven’t gotten out much. I’ve spent the last year plus writing music at my pad, then taking it straight to the studio. I’m kind of a lab rat. So those are my favorite spots for now.

Do you work out of a studio? Who?

I do indeed. Tuff Camino Studio, run by my man Mike Vecchio..

New music we should know about?

Well in addition to my EP “Halfway There”, I’ve amassed a lot of new music over the last year. I’m sitting on a batch of new songs that I hope will be on my follow up. Outside of my own music, the only thing that jumps out at me new that I’ve listened to a lot lately: “Call me if you get lost” by Tyler The Creator.

I thought it was so unique and interesting and a complete body of work from start to finish. Also, bumping the “Cruella” Soundtrack, the “Blow”(Johnny Depp) soundtrack, and some Hall & Oates. Those dudes have some bangers and have been sampled so much. It’s amazing.

To be honest, I mostly listen to older records. Especially when I’m in my own writing process. It helps keep me grounded as opposed to going completely off the rails and into a delusional brag that I think a lot of music falls into.

Sometimes I hear a new record and I’m like “I had NO idea what they just said”. lol

Tours or shows coming up?

I certainly hope so!!! That is my dream scenario and I hope it comes to fruition.

Crazy question…if you found a million dollars in a bag with no name on it would you turn it in?

Absolutely! I’d be so paranoid of someone showing up looking for their money, I’d never be able to enjoy

Last words or shouts?

I’m just really grateful for the opportunity to be featured on your site. It means the world to me. This has been a long journey and to finally have my work acknowledged is incredible.

In terms of shout outs, I’d just like to thank my family, friends and the team behind me who helped make all this possible. They know who they are, and been acknowledged individually, so they know what’s up.

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