Continuing our series of interviews with L.A.’s 4 element hip hop super group “S DOT South Central League”. In this interview Pt. 3 we catch up with veteran producer DJ Lord Ron’s partner in ryhme and influential MC B-boy Triple Ace Boogie!

Peace Triple Ace Boogie what parts of L.A. you from?

I’m born and raised in the 30’s, South Central Los Angeles California 2 minutes away from USC campus.

What is the “W.S.”?

The W.S. to me means the Westside of Los Angeles California dealing with the West Coast Vibe of hip-hop culture.

Projects your currently working on we should know about?

Yes most definitely I’m doing the Triple Ace Boogie EP album and also dealing with “Tha P- Union” which is a funk band and we play live shout out to my comrades. The band just released a single featuring the P-Funk Godfather, living legend Mr. George Clinton called Party Me Up. Music video was done by Badfame’s Charles Bronson. It’s on YouTube. Cop the single, it’s dope!

Where you ever signed a label??

Yes I did my first deal in 1998 RCY records and they wanted my masters and I didn’t want to give up my masters because of discrepancies which was in the contract. My cousin Michael Wells went through the contract & decided it was not a good deal to be under with the label so I fell back for three years.

How long have you’ve been recording with Dj Lord Ron?

DJ Lord Ron is my biological brother so we started doing demos in 1994 on a Sansui 6 track recorder but the official cassette release was in 1995 on Partners N’ Rhyme records, our indie label even though nobody was signed to a contract. It was started by my brother and the fam K-Yo 7 and then we branched out to do different projects in the late 90s and until this day we still do music.

Your opinion on the state of hip hop in 2019 and beyond?

2019 is a different breed which is the younger generation, it’s their time to shine. I’m not mad at them but if you don’t know the elements of Hip Hop which is two turntables a MC, Breakin and Poppin and Graffiti, I don’t think they should call this new generation Hip Hop. Just my opinion and I’m entitled.

Your thoughts on artists in the business getting caught up in gang culture trouble after they’ve made it big?

If somebody come up well in the industry and they thinking about gang banging, their young, because it’s a lot of folks who been through the real gangs that don’t see the day of light.. because they’re locked up or in the cemetary so I wouldn’t even go that route. It’s their world we just live in it.

Long term goals?

My long-time goals, it’s just to be heard with the golden voice that’s at your choice. I just want to be known as a old school B-boy and MC that put it down for my generation and I can still do this.

How can promoters or artsts contact you for collabs?

You can contact me at Triple Ace Boogie Instagram Ace Boogie Facebook… email… and I will be glad to collab with good people down for good music

Favorite classic mixtape dj?

DJ Lord Ron, DJ Double KK from Pittsburgh, DJ Kid Capri, DJ Premier, DJ Tony Touch and The Beat Junkies.

Last words or shouts?

I want to shout out my cousins Fishbone, I want to shout out George Clinton, I want to shout out Tha P-Union.. my brother DJ Lord Ron, shout out the Womack family & “S Dot Central League”. I want to shout out my kids.. Pop’s do this for y’all, you live and you learn but try not to get burned in the industry. Peace and love to y’all from Triple Ace Boogie!

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Triple Ace Boogie