Its been a some-what quiet year for Massachusetts flow God, Lotus Taylor. To follow up his latest release Dear Mama, Lotus has decided to surprise the public with an unexpected project, Corona Creations.

With production only from EPIK THE DAWN, a 2 track EP was formed in a matter of a couple hours. Even though the COVID-19 virus has forced many facilities to close, Lotus got back on the boards and engineered for the first time in almost 2 years. The first song Everybody addresses the masses chasing the recycled trap trend of selling violence and its effect on the culture. On Whoop Ass he raps about rising up from the fall to kicking ass and taking names. Both joints prove that Lotus is not your average young rapper and has his own unique perspective of street knowledge.

With his third studio LP in the works, Lotus still maintains and displays the true artistry of Hip Hop music and being a creative.

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ARTICLE: Leedz Edutainment
IMAGE: Lotus Taylor