Welcome to the official debut album by Clutch Lopez (Lorain, Ohio), the youngest member of Cleveland based Hip-Hop collective Prhymal Rage.

He has been working on and off on this album “Can I Bum A Cig?” for close to 2 years and overcame many obstacles that slowed down the process of recording and mixing these curated 8 tracks.

This album is a journey of hunger, addiction, stress, introspection, failed relationships, clinical depression and yet, still riddled with the confidence to effortlessly hang with the lyrical guys when needed.

Features golden era style boom bap production by Jose Guillotine, soulful ballads by Doc Remedy, modern lo-fi soundscapes by Jay Amethyst, scratches by HellahMentals and guest vocals by Luis Grindhouse, SmoothFX, Jay Amethyst & Jack Burton.

By the end of this album you may just be putting a new artist on your “watch out for this guy coming up” list as Clutch Lopez delivers in not only content, but finds a way to show you his soul in the process.

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ARTICLE: Prhymal Rage
IMAGE: Clutch Lopez