For their second single, LxVNDR and Tachichi team with German producer and newest member of Snowgoons, BoFaatBeatz, who provides a beat with heavy reggae influence thanks in large part to that thick bass groove and the vocal sample in the chorus.

Tachichi, a rap vet rocking stages since the mid-90s as a young Little T, kicks off “One For The Smoke” bigging up the golden age of rap, knocking the modern styles, and broadly boasting, while relative newcomer LxVNDR styles on ‘em with big braggadocio, shit talk, and a sprinkling of knowledge.

This one is for the hip hop heads. As Tachichi proclaims on the chorus, the vibe is out of control!

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ARTICLE: Hand’Solo Records
IMAGE: Lxvndr X Tachichi