This is the first mixtape of a series by Producer VStheBest on The712Label, which will feature Dancehall/Reggae Artist over dusty dirty Hip Hop beats. The merger of Dancehall/Reggae should not be nothing new because they were both birthed by the sound system culture of Jamica.

Live and direct out of Cassava Piece, one of the most dangerous ghettos in Kingston Jamaica, The Gully Gad Mavado has established himself as one of the young legendary pillars of Dancehall music. BoomBap Hip-Hop Producer VStheBest215 reworks the lyrics of Mavado over some dope beats and scratches.

Mavado has a voice and style that will touch the soul because it is adorned with realism and sincerity. VStheBest created beats for this project “Philly Gully Remixes” that give you that grimy hood feel, so the combination is nothing but pure dopeness.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Mavado & VStheBest