People have been smoking cannabis for thousands of years for many different reasons. This hasn’t changed in recent years with the legalization starting to appear in different countries around the world.

From Canada to Thailand cannabis is helping those in need and also creating jobs and revenue not seen before. Legalization in Canada has brought many new changes since 2018.

Cannabis use is now legal for anyone over 19 for recreational use, whereas the medical users can be any age that is approved by a doctor. This has given the opportunity for those to legally get their medicine without any gray areas or for those to enjoy a smoke after a long day’s work.

Cookies is a new company that has just made its way to Canada from the US. This cannabis company was started by a rapper from the US named Berner, who also just opened a dispensary in NYC in late Oct. 2022.

If you don’t know Berner’s music you have most likely heard about his weed and the different strains. From London pound cake, Girl Scout cookies to Cheetah P there are many different strains coming from Cookies.

Not all of these strains from Cookies are going to make you want to write a letter to High Times but there are for sure some strains you will want to try for yourself. Medellin is a sativa hybrid, which is great for smoking during the day and getting your early morning appetite going.

This strain also has a few different terpene flavor profiles which are Caryophyllene, Farnesene, Limonène and Myrcene that help give it a nice taste while smoking. The buds are smaller but look very nice, have a great smell and break up very well in a grinder.

Medellin is also a strain that has the highest THC percent I’ve seen for medical cannabis so far in Canada at 34.64% THC. For those who don’t smoke as much or don’t have a very high tolerance this strain will work.

Just be mindful that for some people sativas can cause anxiety which can lead to an unpleasant time. My personal review as someone with a very high tolerance to cannabis that this is a great day time weed. When smoked in a blunt it burned for at least 25-35 minutes and had a great taste.

The buzz was pleasant, wasn’t too strong and gave me the munchies. I am usually not a fan of sativa strains as they tend to be too weak, but this one wasn’t bad at all for a sativa hybrid.

By T-Will