Dig into the soulful sounds of Megan Ran & Jermiside’s newest EP, ‘The Lure of Light.’ This well put together collaboration gives Dilla vibes. While we can’t speak for the entire EP just yet, ‘Outta Sight’ and ‘Drop Date’ are two tracks that deliver pure satisfaction.

Featuring guest appearances from Von Pea, G1, Allen Poe, Ariano, and a remix, this 12-track EP via HIPNOTT Records is set to be fire. Save the date: March 22-24. Stay tuned for more updates!

1. Lure Light Of Light
2. Outta Sight 02:36
3. Cross Examinations
4. The Collector ft: Von Pea
5. Drop Date 03:23
6. Magic Neighbors
7. You’re The Best ft: G1
8. Skills ft: Allen Poe
9. No Love
10. Who Killed Cupid ft. Ariano
11. Just Say Yeah (Applause)
12. Skills (Remix)