Saginaw, Michigan emcee BTG has track after track of quality lyrics and well-produced beats.

Teaming up with Stainless Management, and with 45k listens on Datpiff, BTG’s 2016 mixtape GNCDEX features songs Breathe and ScarfoTesta. Breathe is a reminder to chill in the face of all this madness as well as a nod back to the classic hip hop artists.

ScarfoTesta is a declaration of being made and living that life in Michigan – “Born in Michigan, but you could swear I was Italian.” The video for ScarfoTesta is as raw and haunting as the lyrical journey through the song. BTG’s release GncdeXXL is a tribute to Notorious BIG’s Death & Legacy.

In a recent interview with MRCPromo, BTG talks about starting in the music business at the age of 13 and at 16 considering it a profession, writing and recording with former Wu-tang personnel contacts.

BTG says “Support Reality Rap not Fantasy Crap” when asked about the future – with a plea to put real rap back in the front. By 2020, BTG can see himself, MindPower, and Stainless Management in the forefront of independent artists and culture.

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Article: MRCNNLIVE/R.Young
EDITOR: La Mont Reed