Mickey O’Brien enlists the aid of rap super duo Low U (aka Adam Bomb and D-Sisive) to tackle the subject of anger on “Alchemy”, the third single from his upcoming album, Orebody, a collection of concept songs, each about a different emotion.

For this powerful posse cut, the trio of MCs rage over a big, banging beat by Juno-nominated producer and MPC master manipulator Fresh Kils and co-produced by O’Brien.

Beefing up the beat even more is Geoff McCauslan on violin, Zach Clement on keys, and DJ Versatile’s crazy cuts on the hook. The combination of all this talent results in a track that is truly epic!

But for those who need more, prolific producer Factor Chandelier provides a deeper, darker remix that emphasizes the bass, brings in elements of reggae and electronic music, and replaces the hook between rappers with an intro and outro toasting from additional guest Xoolu.

The accompanying video was shot in and around Toronto’s iconic Play De Record and features a cameo from its legendary owner, Eugene Tam, an instrumental figure in the Toronto urban music scene.

The black and white grittiness of the video along with the chaotic camera work and frenetic editing of Boom Shoal’s Dan Jardine adds perfectly to the intensity of the song.

The video also serves as Act 2 in a 3-part series that features an angelic female spirit guiding the artist and helping him navigate life.

Written and performed by Mickey O’Brien, Adam Bomb and D-Sisive. Produced by Fresh Kils co-produced by Mickey O’Brien, violin by Geoff McCauslan, keys by Zachary Clement and Cuts by DJ Versatile.

Remixed by Factor Chandelier & Mastered by Dorc.