Tom Delay Beats newest instrumental LP “Rings” was released May 13-18 on multiple musical platforms. The set of abstract instrumentals have psychedelic undercurrents and takes the listener on a journey transcending the immediate reality. The samples are chopped up in a creative manner that is consistent to his unprecedented artistry within the hip hop collective spectrum.

The production qualities mimic the gaudy sensations of a downbeat world coupled with whirly bass swells that oscillate like fluid brain waves. The throwback synthesizers hold a retro feel through ecstatic versatility of musicianship. The gritty tones of the trap, soul and jazz samples offer a gruffness to the instrumentals that are simply foundational to Tom Delay’s Beat production.

One of the tracks that stood out featuring a rap artist is “Milk Karton Kid”. The lyrical nature of the “Milk Karton Kid” twists wordsmith metaphors into deep philosophical ensembles of unique expertise. This cypher-esque rendition pins the nail in the coffin for musicians with relentless bars and energetic flows. In summation, Tom Delay Beats refuses to disappoint on his latest hip hop joint executing true talent and establishing a novel set of hip hop standards.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Tom Delay Beats