The Fortified Gumbo Mixtape is chalked full of tight emcee’s, hip-hop music and producers from all around the world. The project is hosted by Pace Won from New Jersey and Trini Bandit from Trinidad. Production for the intro, skits and outro are done by Ghosttown from Europe. Arrangements, mixing and mastering by Noiseman from San Jose California. The lineup is definitely on point!

Artists and producers on the project – DJ Lord Ron form Los Angeles and C-Rayz Walz from Bronx NY. Emcee Nemesis out of Virginia, Tone Spliff from Utica NY and Krumbsnatcher from New York. Mix Master Ice formerly of UTFO and Shabazz The Disciple from Brooklyn NY. Mr Green from New Jersey, Apakalips from San Jose CA, La.k.a.i. out of Pheonix AZ and Louis Logic from New York. Born Talent from White Plains NY, Sum In 1, Kev Da Khemist, Destruct, DJ Leviathan and Jeanine Strong out of Los Angeles. BNR family The Regiment from Detroit, DJ Kid Magic and AD from Columbus OH. Craig G representing Queensbridge NY, Big Noise artist B Flatt from the 90’s out of Oakland and Braille from Portland Oregon.

Fortified Gumbo is a collaborative release from MRC Promotions and Big Noise Entertainment. The cover art was done by the Original Funky Hip-hop Flyer Aerosol Style Master Blaster P.h.a.s.e. 2 of the Bronx NY. These selections are brought to you courtesy of artists from Big Noise Radio and affiliates of MRC Promotions. The concept for the “Fortified Gumbo” mix-tape was created by MRC Promotions and represents a mixture of quality music and hip-hop culture – just add some heat, b-boy / b-girl flavor, some savory emcees, gourmet beats, kosher production, simmer till golden-era and you got Fortified Gumbo.



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ARTICLE: Big Noise
EDITOR: Noiseman
IMAGE: Fortified Gumbo