Money Mogly’s name and the Wxtch Wxlves Brand is finally getting recognition outside of the Swamps and Beaches of South Florida. His latest joint project with Goat Farm Producer TeV95 is spinning heads with a bottomless clip of bullets.

The whole city is behind them on this venture as could be seen at the album listening party this past Friday, and now they have released their second single, YOUNG GUNZ 1 & 2 to the rest of the world so that everyone understands, the Goats and Wxlvez roll thick.

SALAZAR EL TABAQUERO, and Wxtch Wxlvez OG Member JOEY DA SILVA both add to the shells that will litter the floor of your memory once the smoke clears.

ake sure you stop by the Bandcamp and get that GOATWXLVEZ when you are done playing this banger a few times. Trust me, its filled with Nothing But Bullets!!