Attaching motors to drift trikes has seen the sport’s popularity flourish over the last 12 months. Traditionally a recreation for residents of hilly areas, both companies and DIYers have begun integrating gas and electric motors in a bid to extend the experience to flatter terrain. Auto parts manufacturer SFD Industries is at the forefront of this rise in motorized three-wheeled drifting, and is staking its claim in the form the Big Wheel Drift Trike that boasts a whopping 26-inch front wheel.

“The thing that really sets off our drift trike is the big 26-inch by 3.5-inch wheel,” August Agner, owner of SFD Industries tells Gizmag. “It feels super stable and is proportioned similar to a child’s big wheel to really make an adult look and feel like a kid again.”

Like the Tortuga Trike we covered recently, the Big Wheel Drift Trike runs on a 6.5 hp (4.8 kW) motor. According to Agner, the PVC sleeves wrapped around the rear wheels to create the loss of traction are thicker than most, and should allow for months of sideways action. Another point of difference for the Big Wheel Drift Trike is the resting place for the rider’s feet. Other trikes, including the electric-powered Verrado, use stunt pegs mounted to the front forks, while Agner has taken a slightly different approach.

“The most unique feature we designed is the frame mounted pegs that eliminate foot lift while drifting, so you don’t have to worry about the tire scrubbing up your leg,” he says.


The frame is CNC bent out of Benteler chromoly, fully TIG (tungsten inert gas) welded and assembled in house at SFD’s workshop in North Carolina. The trike is set in motion with a twist throttle fixed to the aluminum bars, while hydraulic disc brakes at the rear will bring the drifting to a stop.

The standard Big Wheel Drift Trike is available now and priced at US$2,000, though Agner will cater to those looking to take their drifting experience up a notch. Custom upgrades include a dyno-tuned, “high horsepower” motor with exhaust for $500 and an aluminum down tube mounted fuel cell with pump and throttle plate for $200.

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EDITOR: Mike-Lee
IMAGE: SFD Industries