Check out the preview above of the new collaborative album titled ‘Moving Targets’ by Chillow and DJ Grazzhoppa.

These esteemed Belgian producers/DJs have joined forces with a few their favorite New York/New Jersey & Cali MCs, to create a powerful and highly anticipated international album.

The album features a fusion of Belgian and American classic hip hop styles, combining the unique flavors of both regions. Chillow and DJ Grazzhoppa showcase their exceptional production and mixing skills throughout the tracks, crafting a cohesive and dynamic sound.

The vocals on the album were primarily recorded by Chillowproductions, with the exception of ‘Planet Gant,’ which features vocals by Jake Polumbo. DJ Grazzhoppa adds his masterful cuts and scratches, adding an extra layer of artistry to the project.

The album has been distributed by N.E.W.S distribution Belgium, and interested listeners can place orders through the Belgium store. The album’s release has been highly anticipated, and it promises to hit the mark with its massive sound and collaborative spirit.

The ‘Moving Targets’ album showcases the talent and creativity of Chillow and DJ Grazzhoppa, bringing together the best of both Belgian and American music scenes.

They linked up with designer/record collector Tom De Geeter (Crate Records Kortrijk) for the ‘artwork’ and with DVL – photographer and member of Afterhours.

“Moving Targets” is out now on most DSP’s, Limited Vinyl Edition is available HERE.