Being Reggae and Dub addicts ourselves its only academic and natural that we can’t bypass taking the opportunity to indulge in some worthwhile words with a versatile west coast based group of conscious heads with a longstanding dedication to representing their flavor of Dub. With a name like Dub Addxx/The Neybuzz its academic and more than par for the course and the cause extended to being their dedication to rocking with a vengeance and evolving their music and their brand of that soul filled and unique vibe “dubbed” as Dub.

Q. MRCPROMO: Big Up! Thanks for doing the interview.. what’s good?
A. DUBADDXX: I’m on a vacation right now and I’m taking it easy being a tourist in my own city of Oakland .. just taking time out to appreciate the little things that the city has to offer – the arts, music, the peeps, restaurants, etc.

Q. MRCPROMO: Where exactly is the group from?
A. DUBADDXX: We hail from the Bay Area in Northern Cali. San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, Richmond, etc…

Q. MRCPROMO: Who are the members of your group and what are their roles?
A. DUBADDXX: Now, we do things a little differently. We pick from a pool of available players in the Bay Area to play gigs. We have a solid core, and sometimes some members are not available for certain gigs. My name is Ismael, I produce, arrange, mix, and play instruments where it is needed, but mainly guitar and bass. We also have Kwome, a fantastic reggae drummer who is from St. Kitts and is a studied learner of Drummy Zeb style from Aswad. We have Michael who plays keyboards and melodica. Abdul is a percussionist and background vocalist. Eddie is also another drummer and percussionist. Vicente is a congero, latin jazz, mambo percussionist. Sam is a multi-instrumentalist on woodwind instruments, mainly tenor saxophone. Chris is a singer and rapper. Mansoor is a singer, guitar and bass player. Mitch Gibson is another great singer and plays harmonica. For the latest Dub Addxx album we enlisted the help of San Francisco Jazz icon: Kim Nalley on vocals.

Q. MRCPROMO: How long has the group been together?
A. DUBADDXX: Since the early 90’s through various jams. We realized that we were kindred spirits and we do like playing together. Out of those jams came two entities: Dub Addxx which plays strictly roots reggae and dub, and The neyBuzz which is a fusion of all our favorite styles – from trip hop, salsa, funk, soul, feral rock. We used to tour a lot in California, but found it financially difficult. So it’s been an on/off thing since then.

Q. MRCPROMO: Where did the group’s name come from?
A. DUBADDXX: Dub Addxx – well we love Dub music so much that we’re addicted to it. Not a day passes by where we don’t play some hardcore, rootsy, fonky dub sound.The neyBuzz – came from an old blues giant [Howlin’ Wolf] song called The Neighbors. That name was already taken so I spelled it phonetically.

Q. MRCPROMO: Who in the dub world would you compare your music to if any?
A. DUBADDXX: I’m a student of the genre and the masters of the music have carved their own territories and essentially stretched our collective imagination to let us know what is possible. I’ve studied of course the founder of the genre: King Tubby. But make a lot of references to Prince Jammy, Lee Perry, Augustus Pablo, and Scientist (we released an album mixed by Scientist himself called Beta Dub. It’s on our website. So we’re trying to push the boundaries, challenge our imagination to come up with something “new” and not repeat them. Why repeat what they were doing when you can go to the original? We also kept the Black revolutionary ideals of Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Black concepts, Black teachings, Black realities, Self Determination, voicing concerns of oppressed people all over the world and throughout history… But I sincerely think that Aswad was pointing towards the future with A New Chapter Of Dub, and some of Adrian Sherwood’s mixes are simply incredible.

Q. MRCPROMO: Do you specialize in only dub music? Any other genre you play?
A. DUBADDXX: We definitely specialize in dub music, but with the thought of pushing the boundaries and hopefully stumble onto a “new” genre. Tall order considering our predecessors. So with the incarnation of our “sister” band, The neyBuzz, we play anything funky, groove oriented music, which includes, soul, hip hop, rock, Latin Jazz, you name it. We don’t limit ourselves. Like James Brown said: “WhatEver you do, it’s gotta be funky!”

Q. MRCPROMO: Are you a fan of social media, has it helped or hurt your music?
A. DUBADDXX: Not really. You see, it is time consuming and we’re on a low budget. We have daytime jobs and obligations. The little time we have left is spent honing our craft and put out something serious enough to last a lifetime. So in that vein, we haven’t been able to spread the word through social media – but we’re building a fan base one-at-a-time. (!)

Q. MRCPROMO: Where can fans purchase your music?
A. DUBADDXX: Go to our website: . We don’t “sell” the music because you can stream all our albums through our website. We do however accept donations of any amount – Just click on the “donate” button and you’ll feel healthier for it. If you must own an mp3 of any tune, email me at And for a limited time, you can download our latest from our soundcloud.

Q. MRCPROMO: Anything else.. performances or tours coming up we should know about?
A. DUBADDXX: We don’t have any live performances on the docket at the moment. That would require us hiring a manager and we don’t have that kind of cash. What we are doing however is putting the finishing touches on the next neyBuzz album due out in the fall.

Q. MRCPROMO: Last words or shouts?
A. DUBADDXX: I give thanks for this interview. Real music is not dead. There are collective souls out there who yearn to connect and experience what is now a revolutionary act: music with meaning.

“I Kiss This Earth”- Dub Addxx

Dub Addxx/The neyBuzz – Website
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EDITOR: Mike-Lee
IMAGE: Dub Addxx / The neyBuzz