Was it Peter Marshall who exclaimed,’Unless We Stand For Something We Shall Fall For Anything’ through the enjoyment of making music Dj producer Youngmin Joo takes it on like war strategics. Its all business an Ali-esque attitude in an out of the ring, a conscientious objector approaching her trade as it should be nothing less than “morally dope” all or nothing no frills no shorts, not from concentrate serious business and straight from the heart. In other words as it ought to be. While having the intent on taking it beyond her version of music 101 and then some with a twist Nuff said and nuff respect!

Q. MRCPROMO: Hello Youngmin Joo, how are you?
A. YOUNGMIN: I’m doing good. Lounging at home and digging up some new tunes through the online realm.

Q. MRCPROMO: What city you from?
A. YOUNGMIN: I actually grew up in a very small town in Minnesota, but moved out to LA for school 5 years ago, which was where I was based for awhile. Now I’m currently living near the San Francisco area. Most of the time, people who I become acquainted with don’t believe me when I say I’m from rural Minnesota.. It’s amusing.

Q. MRCPROMO: When did you start DJing?
A. YOUNGMIN: During school, I majored in a program called “Music Technology”, where I learned how to do everything from producing music and performing with other electronic musicians to taking the reigns as an audio engineer for recording and live settings. Through that, I slowly started to pick up DJing by hanging out with my classmates who also DJ’ed, and from thereon I slowly started to play at parties and events in school and eventually shows and concerts around LA.

Q. MRCPROMO: You produce and Dj … what kind of music do you produce?
A. YOUNGMIN: Yes, I actually started to produce even before DJing. At first, I was making a lot of slower, non-danceable music that you wouldn’t really play in a DJ set at a club, which later on became something I was okay with. Nowadays, I mainly produce anything from house/techno to more bass-style types of music, but to be honest I’m not really into labeling the kinds of music I like to make. Labels inhibit creativity, especially if you try to pigeon-hole yourself into one category, which is something I had learned to let go. Often-times, I surprise even myself with the weird kind of stuff that I end up making.

Q. MRCPROMO: What is your favorite piece of studio equipment? Djing and or production?
A. YOUNGMIN: I was introduced to UAD plugins this past summer, which are plug-ins designed to emulate classic hardware that have been used throughout the past few decades. I can’t stress enough how much more refinement these UAD plugins have given me in terms of producing and pristine quality. Some favorites are the Precision K-Stereo, Manley Vari-Mu, and EMT 140. For DJing, it’s my trusty Pioneer DDJ-SX— it’s a solid piece of gear that gives great versatility with what I want to do while DJing by offering a lot of room for live-performance creativity. You can never go wrong with Pioneer when it comes to DJ equipment.

Q. MRCPROMO: If you could work with any artist or producer who would it be?
A. YOUNGMIN: I think it’d be super dope to work with Boys Noize. I’ve been following him since his early techno/electro days in late-2000s, which was when I first started getting into electronic music. He’s made an assortment of different electronic styles recently, and would be interesting to see his day-to-day workflow in his studio.

Q. MRCPROMO: What are you currently working on.. any new projects?
A. YOUNGMIN: I’m working with Leisure Sports Records to release my very first EP this coming spring.

Q. MRCPROMO: What do you think about commercial radio?
A. YOUNGMIN: A lot of today’s “pop music” seems like it is formulated to an exceedingly generic level, where it promotes music as a brand and less about artistic integrity, which in my opinion really blows! But honestly, I’ve come to realize that it’s all just part of “the system”. Besides the occasional hip hop, rap and R&B tracks on the radio that really bump, I almost never really pay much attention to whatever is on the top 40’s charts and mainstream media. Why waste your time criticizing when you could be using that energy to discover better and more positive things?

Q. MRCPROMO: Any shows coming up, how can promoters contact you?
A. YOUNGMIN: Not any set in stone yet, but a couple tentative shows in SF coming soon. Also stay tuned for upcoming warehouse shows in LA this coming spring! For booking inquiries, promoters can contact: bookings@youngminjoo.com

Q. MRCPROMO: Last words or shouts?
A. YOUNGMIN: Shoutout to Unspeakable Records for giving me a great outlet to meet like-minded artists based in LA and in SF. Also big ups to Leisure Sports Records for swooping me and bring on a lot of positive energy and support these past few months. The advice I find myself preaching is to keep your mind open with opportunities that come your way while staying true to what you want to achieve as an artist.

Youngmin Joo – “I Want To” EP

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EDITOR: Mike-Lee
IMAGE: Youngmin Joo