Lost in Budapest is the product of borders crossed, passports stamped, and language barriers broken. A follow-up to 2014’s “Budavets”, Lost in Budapest pairs boom-bap duo N.B.S. and a litany of Hungarian producers with a who’s who of hip-hop’s elite including Onyx, Reks, Big Noyd, Akrobatik, Sicknature (of Snowgoons), Big Shug, and Hus Kingpin.

N.B.S. (Natural Born Spitters) supplies their unique blend of politically-focused braggadocio with a sense of urgency and the razor-sharp delivery that has kept fans and critics enamored over the last 15+ years. In a time of questionable domestic policy, “Lost in Budapest” is a welcome embodiment of the qualities hip-hop was founded upon.

1. 2 Zebras Feat. Virtuoso & Sicknature
2. Trump Era
3. Active Feat. Edo G
4. Forint Counter
5. Turn The Volume Up Feat. Onyx
6. Savage Heat
7. Grindhouse Feat. Big Noyd
8. Freeflight
9. Never Ending Story Feat. Big Twins
10. The 90’s Feat. Big Shug & Akrobatik
11. Hot Twin Feat. NKS
12. Overseas Feat. Reks
13. Nightmares in Budapest
14. Jazz Feat. Rozewood & Hus Kingpin
15. Dealing With Gold Feat. Ea$y Money
16. Pain Feat. Checkmark

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ARTICLE: Leedz Edutainment
EDITOR: La Mont Reed