Hip Hop duo Nerves Baddington set another milestone with this release the second track titled ‘American Mammals’ from their new EP ‘No Survivors’ due out 02-23-23. They have dropped six EP’s in total.

Last year, Nerves Baddington received global attention and critical accolades with the release of their double album micro + macro.

After garnering listens and reviews at home and abroad, they ultimately graced HHGA and DJ Alkemy’s Best Hip Hop Albums of 2022 lists.

But when one review called their work “too smart to be popular,” Nerves Baddington’s new EP was born.

‘No Survivors’ opens with “Alice in Midland,” which samples the aforementioned review. The hard-hitting intro is self-referential, gritty, and indicative of the EP as a whole.

The 6 tracks that comprise ‘No Survivors’ are layered with industrial instrumentation and heavy drops, under elevated drum patterns and soulful cadences.

Producer Kilgore Doubt and rapper Inkline are two sides of the same coin the rich, grainy quality of Kilgore’s beats reflects the gravel of Inkline’s voice. Inkline’s heady raps mirror Kilgore’s sonic opulence.

Their Birmingham, AL roots permeate their work, and on ‘No Survivors’ Inkline evokes southern comfort in the pocket, even as he nears aggression on topics like ambition, addiction, and disparity.

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IMAGE: Nerves Baddington