Nova Scotia-based producer DK (Darrell Kelloway) latest project, ‘Atlantic Rap Vol. 1,’ is the first installment of a three-volume compilation that showcases indie underground lyricists from North America.

Featuring MCs from rap hubs like New York, Detroit, and Canada; the album is available now for download or streaming here.

1. Interlude 1 01:17
2. Circa 91 (Feat. Rasheed Chappell, K-Tas) 02:54
3. Cycles (Feat. Hatfield, Ambeez, Monark) 03:44
4. Something Real (Feat. Carlitta Durand, Saukrates, Ghettosocks, Cesar Comanche) 05:17
5. Gold Tooth (Feat. Chuuwee, Eddie Kaine, MOMONEYMATTEO) 03:56
6. Interlude 2 00:59
7. Back in the City [Remix] (Feat. Justo the MC, Red Inf) 03:43
8. Oprah (Feat. King Bliss) 02:52
9. Intuition (Feat. Aïda, UFO Fev, Wais P, Mic Picasso, Ras Kass) 04:34