Released 8-18-23, a captivating new album is poised to entertain enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

This project covers everything that makes G-funk iconic – from talk box melodies to soulful chords, phat synthesizer leads, deep basslines, and rhythmic drums.

The album channels the spirit of classic westsiiide hip-hop, providing the perfect soundtrack for chilling at the barbecue or cruising down the street. A heartfelt shoutout goes to Lewis Hosie and the collaborative genius of all involved.

Titled G-Funk Chronicles, this 10 track album of dopeness is validation to its creator, Amin Payne. Responsible for the production, mixing, and mastering of all tracks, Payne’s thorough touch is evident in every track.

Among the notable collaborators are Lewis Hosie, OJ KUSH (comprising Felix Meredith, Caleb Williams, Azriel, and Allan Macconell), Suff Daddy, Tentendo, Jaydean, Young Shogun, Cazeaux Oslo, and Kzyboost. Each artist’s unique style and perspective injects an element of range that sweetens the album’s overall appeal.

The G-Funk Chronicles cover first caught my eye the visual dimension comes courtesy of Fume1. Catch a glimpse of Fume1’s creations visit

G-Funk The System is available on all streaming services.


1. Blue Dreams (feat.Tentendo) 02:23

2. Keep On Groovin (feat.Kzyboost & Lewho) 02:15

3. We Got Love (feat.JAYDEAN & Lewho) 02:49

4. Worth The Wait (feat.Suff Daddy & Lewho) 02:48

5. Remember Our Name (feat.Yung Shogun) 02:32

6. On Lock (feat.Lewho) 02:33

7. Amnesia Haze (feat.OJ KUSH) 03:14

8. Soo Deep (feat.Cazeaux OSLO & Tentendo) 02:26

9. Here We Go (feat.OJ KUSH) 02:22

10. Feel Free (feat.SpellSpellSpell & Lewho) 02:07