Looking for the next unique piece to add to your collection? The brand-new MTN Fat Cap Porcelain Ashtray is now available at Spray Planet.

Step up your summer game with this statement piece that captures street art culture. Perfect for ashing your joint or holding your keys and coins, this porcelain ashtray features the MTN signature head logo and print.

mtn fat cap ashtray with joint

Know someone who’s passionate about street art or enjoys unique, functional decor? The MTN FAT CAP ashtray makes an excellent gift, a true collector’s piece.

The MTN FAT CAP Ashtray is inspired by spray paint caps used by street artists, fine artists, and style writers worldwide. It’s a stylish addition to any room and a perfect conversation starter.


Get your Montana Colors MTN FAT CAP Porcelain Ashtray now at Spray Planet!