Meet the Bag Season Beat collective founded in 2018, the team consists of Louisiana-born producer/rapper Elgin Brown, a.k.a. AFKA, Louisiana born producer/chef/elder statesman deliciousbeets (known by friends and fans alike as “Beets”), Texas born, Y2k relocated, producer/composer/DJ Ryan Travis (friendkerrek), and New Jersey-born globetrotting MC/DJ/producer/rapper/teacher, Charlie Corpening, a.k.a. Wino Willy.

Can you introduce yourself and what is your role at Bag Season Records?

What’s Good, I’m Wino Willy and I’m the current Ambassador of Bag Season Records.

How did the collective get started?

In 2018 We all met at different beat events in the city (New Orleans) and just clicked. We started Counter Sessions at Sea Cave Arcade and from there we just started really hanging out and then collaborating. We started with friendship first and then decided to craft a team.

Who are the members on your catalog??

We currently have 5 official members, Wino Willy, AFKA, deliciousbeets, friendkerrek and Saint Amethyst.

What makes New Orleans beat makers special?

New Orleans Beat Culture has a special bounce. You have the electronic influences from Mannie Fresh and also a very rich Hip Hop Scene with dope instrumentation.

Folks like to have an eclectic mixture of sounds and textures from brass to more ambient production. There definitely is a diversity in the scene and not just one style or genre that dominates. You can find heads who make more 808 driven joints and heads who make classic House tracks.

How important is originality to you in a world of saturated beats, loops and drum kits?

We are all influenced in some way by things that we experience which is how we grow as musicians. The way that we push forward and create new things is by deconstructing and then rebuilding the things that came before. I think with the kits it’s about providing something that allows for heads to examine and then reshape something that works for them.

Your first beat was made on what?

I made my first beat on a turntable and Audacity on a laptop. I recorded in a drum loop and tried recording in some other sounds kinda like a futuristic pause tape but it didn’t loop correctly. I started using Ableton Live 6 soon after that and then got an OG Sp-404 and MPC 500.

In your opinion, what is the most significant change in hip hop/rap music production?

Unlimited Sample Time and Youtube. Also, the Internet connects people in different towns. You find a lot of dope things

Favorite audio gear sampler? DAW?

Currently, I’m using the MPC LIVE and I love that but my first love is the Sp-404 and DAW is Ableton.

Most favorite New Orleans producer(s)? What other beatmakers do you check for?

Pyramid Tapes, Chad Roby, Et Deaux, Lucas Wylie, Metanite, Ghazi Gamali, the Cats at GLBL WRMNG too many to name.

Last song you had on repeat?

Cavalier,’Open Season’.

Favorite space(s) to perform or to see a dope show in your area?

Sea Cave Arcade, Three Keys, Gasa Gasa and Cafe Istanbul.

Are you looking for new names/artists to add to your label? How do they go about that?

We currently aren’t looking to expand the roster but we are looking to collaborate still and you can reach us here.

Last words or shouts?

Stay tapped in with us on and stay organized.

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