We caught up with West Coast Dj/producer Noiseman of BigNoiseRadio.com to get the word on the new vinyl release, new studio, music production, website and more.. please share!

Peace Noise, for those not familiar with you, where’s home?

Yo Lamont, appreciate the opportunity! Glad we got to make this happen. I’m located out here in sunny California. The Bay Area to be exact. I was born on the East coast and raised in the West. I’ve lived in Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, Stockton, San Jose… and most recently Fremont, previous stomping grounds for MC Hammer. If it’s not too good for him, I’m sure we can do something here…lol

You have a new studio can you tell us about that?

Right, we actually have a new commercial building where we’ve set up headquarters for Big Noise Radio. We’ve got a broadcast / music production studio, recently setup. We’ve also got a new Analog Mastering system we’ve been calibrating on a few record release projects. We’re just getting it in at the moment, working on a few different things. We plan to have the studio finalized by end of year 2018.

How long have you been making tracks and producing?

I started messing around with production around 1990, perhaps a few years before that. I was still a deejay at the time, I was starting to incorporate drum machines and samplers into my routines. A few of my deejay affiliates, who had more experience, were transitioning into production. Around 1993 I started to establish a flavor for my sound as a producer. Some of those early projects incorporated everyday noises, using them as musical notes. That’s a little history behind the name, Noiseman.

Are you still customizing the MPC’s?

No, not for the public anyway… for a few different reasons; MPC replacement parts are no longer available from Akai. The company has dropped support for vintage gear in order to migrate customers to their new products. I also believe corporate based revenue decisions have lead to the shutdown of support, for this classic Akai product. In future, we may do some wood for products like the Native Instruments Maschine. It’s very labor intensive to build quality wood bezels, we’ll see how it goes.

What’s Big Noise Radio about?

We’re an online / streaming radio station, broadcasting distinctive hip hop music to all corners of the planet 24/7. We support all 5 elements of hip hop culture. We started development in May 2005, went live in September 2006, and became worldwide recognized in 2009. We strive to document authentic hip hop music recorded by artists, at a time in their career when they appreciate soulful hip hop. Through careful selection, we cultivate our radio shows with proactive program direction.

Feeding sonic excellence to the community, beautiful music all too often ignored by commercial radio. If you’re looking for mumble rap or up-tempo dance music, we’re not that station. We play today’s timeless hip hop music for the true connoisseur.

Can indie artists submit their tracks for play?

Yes they can; the best thing to do is wait for the launch of the new website in summer 2018. Instructions for submitting music for radio play consideration, will be found on the “Services” page. If there was anything to mention that’s been frustrating, it would be; we’ve had way too many folks submitting commercial sounding music that we don’t play on BNR. We’re hoping folks will take more time to listen to our radio shows, listen to the music we’re posting on social media, then submit music that fits our format. That would really help us get more great music out to the community.

What’s up with the B’ Flatt project?

Wow man, the B Flatt project has been a real blessing! I guess we were so isolated in the Bay Area when we released the project in 1995, we had no idea how well the album would be received around the world. Remember there was no internet back then. The 2016 B2B 20 Year Anniversary was a huge success, we sold over $900 in CD’s on the first day of the event. We’ve been selling CD’s worldwide ever since.

After a few labels showed interest in the project between 2016 and 2018, we negotiated a record deal with an independent label out of Belgium; Back 2 Da Source Records specializes in independent hip hop releases, with that 90’s vibe. The guy’s at the label, including Mike Cole have been great to work with! B Flatt “Back to Basics” is dropping summer 2018, double album record and cassette. We released the Back To Basics tee shirt in January 2018. We’re doing another B2B Giveaway Event summer 2018; $250 1st prize, peep the details: Here!

Are you signed to a label?

Not exactly, we’re not currently signed with any record labels. However we’re cultivating our own in-house record label capabilities. We do have good news regarding some of our 90’s catalog. Not only did the B Flatt Back To Basics project get signed, 3 other projects got signed as well. Scott Free from 1993, Swift from 1994, Tyranny and Tone from 1995, and again B Flatt from 1996.

All 4 projects are being released on vinyl record, cassette, and compact disk. The projects will be released by Back 2 Da Source records and Hip Hop Enterprise out of Belgium. We’re really excited to have this foundation of early work released in Europe, where they appreciate that authentic hip hop sound. We hope this catalog will be a great platform for the future Big Noise releases. Stay tuned!

What should we be looking out for from you in the future?

We’ve been working really hard on the next revision of the Big Noise Radio website. The new improved version will go live summer 2018. We’re using a beautiful Avada WP theme for the design. We’ve got a great sounding, responsive MP3 audio player coming on-board. We’re implementing some really cool automation, to help push great content to the listeners. We’re working on some amazing graphics to keep the BNR brand looking sharp.

Building a great team, to help facilitate a workplace environment that matches our enthusiasm for the culture. In January 2018, we obtained full Digital Distribution to over 150 music outlets around the world. Other then that, we have 4 hip hop instrumental albums coming out in 2018. I think that’s gonna keep us busy this year…lol!

Shout outs or last words?

Yes, I’d like to shout out the following individuals; first of all God for keeping me strong when I felt week! Eldon McGee for being a good friend and business partner, following through on his word. Bryon Malik for being a good friend and believing in the power of hard work and perseverance. To all the people in my life who have believed in me and supported my dream to build something we can all be proud of. Lamont at MRC and DJ Lord Ron for keeping the culture alive! Wanja from Germany for all your fantastic promo support! Confidence, Ghosttown Beats, DJ DN3, Sensei Walingh, Boonie Mayfield, Baby Brother, and all the dope producers who make the world a better place with their music.

Tyranny Allen and the wonderful folks at Marketing Kings! Nick Kuo and Scott Hayden for all the fantastic website support! Michael Lee for all your fantastic website support! My beautiful daughter Keisha and my 3 wonderful grandchildren. Waxpoetics and Fatbeats for all the inspiration, keep doing what you do! All the interns who toiled and contributed to the BNR blog! Sofia at BG Concepts! Respect and blessings to Mike Cole, Bee from Back 2 Da Source, and Michal Mees from Hip Hop Enterprise.

Really appreciate all your help with these 90’s projects! All of the worldwide listeners and fans, for whom we owe all gratitude and respect! …and of course, anybody I forgot.

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