This video from Clear Soul Forces’s Noveliss “All the Time” off 2017’s ‘Kenjustsu Under Moonlight Ep’ brings back the musical sound that I believe has been non-existent in the current industry. His musical choice reminds me of the early onset of hip hop like the late 80’s or 90’s era. His style reminds me of Common mixed with the edginess of J-Cole. There are so many metaphoric nuggets within the first verse alone that it was very difficult for me to pick my favorite line. The sound is smooth and laid back but his collegiate vocabulary makes this work truly extraordinary.

I love how the video is simple but artistic at the same time. By doing it this way he is forcing you to do something that hip hop hasn’t seen in a while, forcing you to focus on the music and artistry instead of being distracted by unnecessary props and individuals. Honestly, this review was refreshing to do and has made me into a big fan.

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EDITOR: Kirah Scott
IMAGE: Noveliss