Noveliss’ “Tales of a Samurai Part II” is a very unique concept indeed. I love how he intertwines his life and the lessons he endured to the common themes found in most anime shows and movies. “My style is improvised, empty my mind” is my second favorite line in this song followed only by the chorus itself. The imagery that he verbally paints is crazy and if you are not an anime connoisseur you will have to watch and listen to the song multiple times to get all the references. Even if you do not watch anime you can appreciate the parallelism that he has throughout. One thing is for sure, his music makes you think and that is very much so appreciated by me.

I grew up watching anime-like shows such as Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Samurai Jack, One piece, and Cowboy Bebop just to name a few. Fusing Anime and hip hop is a very risky move that actually, ironically, works! I love the different show and lifestyle references all throughout. The visuals that accommodate this song is cohesive to the message. Once again, this is another showcase of his great artistic vision, immaculate vocabulary use, and flawless delivery.

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EDITOR: Kirah Scott
IMAGE: Noveliss