How long have you been producing?

Peace and thank you. I started messing around making beats in late 97. I made some demos for a friend who rapped from my neighborhood in Queens NY.

Then I linked up with my boy Alex P. (RIP) and we started doing beats together as a production duo. I was also playing drums in a NYHC band around the same time. I stopped music for awhile and got back into it later on.

Your first beat was made on what?

Made my first beat or should I say ideas on a Roland ms-1 and a Tascam 4track. Later on i got a SP1200 then a MPC. I had mad equipment through the years. Asr’s etc.

What underground hip hop podcasts or YouTube channels you peep on a regular?

I like On da Chow, Drink Champs and my brother Danny Diablo’s Den podcast. Also my bro’s Bundy and Jerry Ex radio show 420 Radio Blunts, and my brother Hoya Roc’s SmokinWord Podcast.

Do you have a favorite audio gear sampler? Daw?

My favorite go to is the PO-33 by teenage engineering and most, recently the Polyend Tracker. They are both real dope in my opinion. I mostly stay cooking on the PO-33 and PO-133.

I love the pocket operators. But my all time favorite machine was the SP1200. Also the ASR10 was real ill. I tell everyone all this stuff does the same thing. You just gotta find the one that keeps you engaged.

I need something that can help me get my idea out of my head quick and into the sampler. I have a very short attention span lol. PO-33 and Polyend Tracker is what I use all the time now.

In your opinion, what is the most significant change in hip hop/rap music production?

Probably the technology. There seems to be something new coming out each day, whether it’s software or hardware. That’s why you gotta always pay respect to the pioneers who created classics on limited equipment.

For me, I stay digging for records. That’s my sound library. There is nothing else better than putting the needle on a record and using your ear. Even though tech is great I still always feel that less is more in my opinion.

Any new music projects? Shows??

Most recently I have some beats on my brothers Danny Diablo, Joe Fatal, and Big Leto project. Their group is called S.P.I.C. The album is titled Spictacular and I was very happy to be apart of that. I love them. Also, I got one on the good brother Big Left’s new album, which was another honor for me.

I plan on putting out some beat tape volumes and also my own drum sample library at some point. As for me doing live shows I don’t really like going out much. I am kind of a recluse. I love people, but I have social anxiety. Lol!!

Last song you had on repeat?

4th Disciples Algorythm album has a song called Paradoxicalism. Its really dope..

Thoughts on Pete Rock suing Nas?

Man, I just wish there was a way that could just result into them working together again. They are legends. Hopefully some type of peace can come out of that.

The music business can mess up alot of things if it ain’t done right. And now with streaming alot has changed.

Goals for the rest of the year?

My goals are to continue providing from my family. I am blessed to have a 9-5. I don’t do music for a living. But I love and continue making beats on a daily basis. It’s my emotional outlet.

Favorite thing to do when not making beats?

My favorite thing is spending time with my kids. It’s such a blessing to be a dad. Something as simple as playing a game of UNO with them keeps me happy. I also still play drums sometimes.

Last words or shout outs?

Thank you so much for the interview. I wanna shout out all my friends and family and all the pioneers in hip hop music/production, cratediggers, musicians who busted their ass and gave us the inspiration to continue to make music and contribute to it in some way.

And in the NYHC music scene as well. My big bro Dave (RIP). Also to any fellow beatmakers always remember you control the gear you use. Not the other way around. Study the greats like Large Pro, Preemo, Rza, True Master, 4th Disciple, Beatnuts, Muggs, Paul C.

These cats are the Charlie Parkers, Coltranes, Miles and Dizzy Gillespie’s of this shit. Have fun making music. God Bless and be good to one another.

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IMAGE: H. Potta