Today meet Matt Fajardo aka DJ Underkut of Open Format a dope dj gear spot based in Los Angeles. He talks about the hottest items selling at his shop upcoming events and more..

How long have you been in business?

We officially started the company in 2016.

Your role at Open Format La?

I never really liked the C.E.O title. But I do wear multiple hats for the company. Lets just say I work every single department. Jack of all trades type of owner.

Your typical client?

Mainly DJ’s, Turntablist, Producers, Artist and Celebrity DJ’s/Artist. I don’t really like to name drop but we worked with some of the best in the music industry.

Any new products or services we should know about?

Currently we’re working on and beta testing a bunch of new product with our engineer and partner Jesse Dean Designs. As of right now we’re trying to perfect a 3rd revision of the built-in Serato Mod for the PT-01 Scratch.

Anything outstanding happen within the last month or so at one of your events?

Right now we don’t have any events planned out for this month. But we’re prepping for NAMM 2020 along with other co-lab events with BPM Supreme and Beat Swap Meet, Los Angeles.

New projects coming up?

Only new projects we’re focusing on are all content based projects. More video tutorials, product demo’s and interviews with artist here at our studio in Los Angeles, CA. So if you know any new artist looking for more exposure hit us up! We’re always looking for new talent to film and work with.

Who are some dope dj’s/emcees or artists that frequent your spot we should know about?

Don’t really like name dropping celebrity artist that been by the studio/warehouse. But we do get a ton of artist from all over the world coming in pretty frequently. Usually they come by to check out new gear, or to film or work on new music. We keep the place private and or by appointment only for now.

What’s one product that’s selling well and you cant keep in it stock?

Right now the Crosley RSD3 with the Phase DJ and Raidenfader RPM100 setup has been our most popular set up. Especially after the product demo videos we just recently dropped on the set up, everyones been inquiring on the set up.

Long term goals for Open Format?

We’re always working on new projects. Always innovating, creating and connecting with people. So we’ll continue to innovate and build up the community in hope more new and old artist get involved with the movement. Battery powered studio set ups is the future.

Last words or shouts??

Shout out to you guys! And thanks for having us be apart of your interview! Hit us up if you’re ever in the L.A. area.

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IMAGE: Open Format