California underground hip hop duo, Organized Minds, with their latest project ‘Organized Era,’ Profound & Slope drop pure fyha. Sick beats with wicked basslines to witty punchlines and guest appearances from some more ill emcees, these 12 tracks are guaranteed to stay on repeat.

Since 2018, Organized Minds have been getting reconized, by real heads with their dedication to classic hip hop, delivering a gritty sound that’s a throwback but with a 2024 twist.

The duo keeps it a buck on tracks like ‘Make Shit Happen’ to ‘Espionage’ feat. Kyo itachi, boasting sick bars, or the glitched-out beat banger ‘Word Smith’ with Aummaah or the track ‘Purple’ featuring Lefty Loosey, a nod to cannabis, this project is as blunted as it gets.. and that’s how we like it!!

Stay tuned for their new album dropping April 2024, and make sure to follow them on Instagram and Spotify for all the latest updates and links!”


1. Full Disclosure

2. Espionage feat Kyo Itachi

3. Word Smith feat. Aummaah

4. Hip Hoppin feat. Dap

5. How Long Will It Last feat. Kyo Itachi

6. Implosion feat. Lefy_ Loosey

7. Makin Shit Happen feat. Kyo Itachi

8. Militant Minded feat. Kyo Itachi

9. Purple feat. Lefty_Loosey

10. Storm feat. Kyo Itachi

11. Stress feat. Kyo Itachi

12. Organized Mindz feat. Lefty_Loosey