Dub plate producer, engineer and label owner, Pablo Grant has collabs with some of biggest names in reggae and the dancehall scene. We caught up with him and asked about his production, new releases and his label K.C.M.G…

Q. MRCPROMO: Peace Mr. Grant for those unfamiliar with the sound tell us where your from?
A. PABLOGRANT: Greetings, I’m from Jamaica.

Q. MRCPROMO: What is your role at Kingston City Music?
A. PABLOGRANT: I am the CEO for Kingston City Music Group and I am a producer/engineer.

Q. MRCPROMO: How long have you’ve been producing and how long have has KCMG been around?
A. PABLOGRANT: KCMG is base in Kingston Jamaica that’s where we’re originally from we started the music business bout 5 years now, before producing music I was producing dub plates for numerous of artists in Dancehall and Reggae. (See Kingston City Dubplates www.kingstoncitydubplates.com)

Q. MRCPROMO: Name some of the artists you’ve produced with we should go check out?
A. PABLOGRANT: I have work with Beenie Man, Iyara, Kalado, Mr Pappa, Teflon, they’re all on one riddim call “Drop Metal Riddim”. On the “Gyal Riddim” I have Macka Diamond, Vanzo, Sscens, Iceberg, and more. I have Patexx on the “Tropical Dancehall Riddim” (Unnuh Nuh Shame) and I have Iyara and K-queens on the “Tail Comb Riddim” and more. Ifertari is on the “Day Of Doom Riddim” coming out soon!

Q. MRCPROMO: How did you link up with Patexx? Where can we find the new release?
A. PABLOGRANT: Patexx is my musical brother from the Alliance Next Generation. We met in the Alliance Family, he actually came there to see me in the Alliance from there we connected with the rest of the brothers and sisters. Patexx just released an album on iTunes call Boom and Rum.

Q. MRCPROMO: How can other musicians, Dj’s and fans connect with you for music or drops?
A. PABLOGRANT: You can reach me at +18768629667 or by email: Pablo@kingstoncitydubplates.com

Q. MRCPROMO: Any shout outs or last words?
A. PABLOGRANT: Nuff respect to the general himself Bounty Killer he shows us a-lot about the business in the music world!


Ifertari – Set You Up (Official Audio) KCMG

TEFLON – Run All Bout (KCMG) Drop Metal Riddim

Bounty Killer Dubplate (Kingston City Dubplates / Dancehall Dubplate)

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Patexx / Kingston City Music Group