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Tuck your napkin in and snap open your chopsticks… it could only be the Rubik’s Cube of rap, Pan Amsterdam, back once again (who else rhymes ‘sinus’ with ‘T-minus’?) with the second single from his third album, EAT. It’s the follow up to Rigatoni, which saw ample support from the likes of Huey Morgan, Iggy Pop, and Tom Ravenscroft on BBC 6Music.

Damu The Fudgemunk drives drums forcefully on this one, providing the consistency of a hypnotic beat which Pan Am lyrically dances around in his unique, Mallet’s Mallet at the buffet style.

EAT is Pan Amsterdam’s latest LP on British label Def Pressé, and follows the success of the album Ha Chu (featuring Jimmy Goodwin from Doves and Jason Williamson from Sleaford Mods amongst others) and its lead single, the heavily playlisted and GUTS-produced Carrot Cake.

The album is a collaboration with beat legend Damu The Fudgemunk following their European tour where Damu stepped up as Pan Am’s DJ. Listening closely as they performed onstage, Damu crafted some custom musical playgrounds for Pan Am to frolic in, and the tracks on this album are the outcome.

Pan Am’s counterpart Leron Thomas tours as a trumpeter with Iggy Pop. Pan’s debut track “Plus One” was world premiered by Iggy on his BBC show, and his album “The Pocket Watch” was covered in a bunch of places, including The New York Times.

This is ahead of new studio album ‘EAT’ due out Friday 24th June!

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