Today we are going to be trying some flower by Ouest which is located in Montreal, Quebec.

The strain that we are going to try from them is Platinum Cake. Platinum Cake or also known as Platinum Cheesecake is an indica-dominated hybrid. This strain was made by crossing Platinum OG and Wedding Cake together.

The strain Platinum OG can also have a THC level of over 30% but can also be much lower. This batch of Platinum Cake grown by Ouest is 31.9% THC and less than 1% CBD.

There is a total of 3.35% terpenes in this flower. The top 5 terpenes are d-Limonene (1.53%), Beta-Caryophyllene (0.34%), Beta-Pinene (0.29%), Beta-Myrcene (0.21%) and Alpha-Pinene (0.18%).

This HQ (3.5 grams) of Platinum Cake flower was packed on November 21, 2022.

The Platinum Cake buds look very nice and have a great aroma when you open the packaging. The buds broke up very nicely in a grinder and was easy to roll into a blunt.

So far with looks and smell the flower is looking great but how will it smoke and how will the high be? The blunt smoked very nicely and lasted for around 25 minutes.

The flower still gave off a nice taste, but didn’t hit the hardest like other strains I’ve smoked. While smoking you could feel a buzz, but it was pretty mellow.

After smoking the blunt the high was nothing too special. The high was relaxing, but I was hoping for it to be a bit stronger since it was 31.9% THC. I guess I should have rolled the full HQ (3.5 grams) into a blunt.

My overall thought on this strain was it was alright. It really didn’t hit like a strain with over 30% THC should. This would be a good day time weed if you have a stronger tolerance.

I would smoke this if I wanted to make some art or had a few things to do and didn’t want to get too high. This strain would be great if mixed with another to make a salad (more than one type of weed rolled) or smoke a dab before using it.

Quest from Montreal looks like they grow some interesting strains. Hopefully I will get a chance to review a different one from them.

Check them out if you have the chance and see what their flower can do for you.

Remember strains work differently for different people. Just because I didn’t enjoy the Platinum Cake as much doesn’t mean you won’t like it or that I won’t like other strains by Ouest.

Until the next review stay safe and enjoy what you are smoking!

By Toronto Will