For today’s wake and bake we will be dabbing something new from Dymond concentrates. For this review we are trying Pound CK (Cake) live resin badder.

When you open the container and look at the badder you want to try it right away. This goes with all the products I have tried from Dymond concentrates so far as they are pretty consistent with quality.

Pound CK live resin badder is an indica hybrid with a total of 73.93% THC and less than 1% CBD. The terpene profiles are Caryophyllene, Farnesene, Humulène and Limonène.

Pound cake or more famously known as London Pound cake is a cross between Sunset Sherbert and a high end indica strain not known by the public. This strain was created and breed by Cookies which was started by US rapper and Cali grower Berner.

I did the 3 dab test and after the first dab I could feel it. The Pound CK live resin badder has a really nice taste. This is when the terpene profiles come into play and makes it a pleasant experience on inhale and exhale.

By the third dab I was feeling pretty good. While taking the third dab and exhaling my body began to buzz which was intense and took a moment to go away.

This can happen from time to time while taking dabs just make sure you are sitting down and you’ll be fine. The high from the dabs was relaxing, pretty chill with a pleasant body high.

This would be great for when you have nothing to do on a weekend and just wanted to chill and veg out for a few hours.

For me personally I could smoke more dabs but I was surprised just after 3 dabs that I felt good and enjoyed writing this review without having to smoke more.

I would personally buy this again as I did enjoy it even though it is a hybrid. If you aren’t a big dabber than I think you would enjoy this during the evening to chill.

For people who dab a lot I think you will enjoy the flavour and the high from bigger dabs. Overall I enjoyed this product from Dymond Concentrates as they did a great job with the end results and the experience we all want from a good dab.

Stay safe and be well till the next dab or flower review.

By T-Will