Today we are trying something new from a place I haven’t tried before. We will be trying some flower from Partake Cannabis.

They are located in Alberta, Canada in the city of Edmonton. Partake Cannabis wants to bring the finest products to their customers in Canada.

Partake Cannabis does have a few products to offer from their flower and milled flower to pre roll joints and blunts of different sizes. The flower that we are trying from them today is their Punch Mints flower.

I haven’t tried this strain before, so I am looking forward to seeing how it is. Punch Mints depending on where you look will say it’s a balanced hybrid strain or an indica-dominate hybrid strain.

The lineage is the same where online it says it’s a cross of Purple Punch and Thin Mints together. But where I got it from it says it’s crossed with Platinum Punch Remix and Platinum Kush Mints together.

So I’m not sure which one is right as their info comes from two legit sources the place that grew it and the place that sells it for them for medical users. This batch of Punch Mints is 33.4% THC, less than 1% CBD (0.07%) and 3.0% terpenes.

The terpene profiles are Myrcene (0.7%), Limonene (0.6%), Caryophyllene (0.5%) and Nerolidol (0.3%).

The package the Quarter (7 grams) came in was easy to open and close. When you open the package you can smell the aroma from the flower.

The buds have a piney and fruity smell to it. The buds are also dense and were light green with light orange hairs. The flower was easy to break up in a grinder and roll into a blunt. Now I was ready to smoke and see what this flower was like.

While smoking the blunt it did have an interesting taste to it and smoked for around 25 minutes or so. The blunt didn’t really have that strong of a kick while smoking and didn’t make me cough that much.

After smoking the high was pretty mellow and I was still able to function as I wasn’t too high. The high did last for a tiny bit after smoking the blunt. My overall view of the Punch Mints by Partake Cannabis is that did a good job as this would be a good daytime or afternoon weed.

The high wasn’t that strong, but would be great for when you want to take it easy and wake and bake or want to smoke one when you have a few errands to run. I feel for those with a higher tolerance you will need to roll a bit more to get to where you want to be.

For those with a lower tolerance this would be great for a solo smoke or to share with a few friends while hanging out. I look forward to trying a few other things from Partake Cannabis in the future to see what they can do for my cannabis needs.

Don’t forget to hit me up on IG @torontowill.mrc and let me know what you think of Punch Mints or other products from Partake Cannabis.

Thanks for reading as always and no matter where you are be safe, stay positive, make good choices and enjoy what you are smoking.