Putchewin Payne (Sewaside Squad, G.G.S.E.) is “that artist” who truly makes music for himself and doesn’t sound like anyone you’ve heard. Hailing from Marlboro MA, inspired by the underground and influenced by the culture of oldschool Hip Hop; Putchewins’ style is motivational, relatable, and entertaining.

The latest single Winning is a shot at the haters and industry crabs. “I wont get particular…but I was as inspired to write this song after dealing with the dissension in this industry. People will or will not work with you for some crazy reasons…and judge you as an artist the same way. I have no industry secrets or love lost for any artist I’ve worked with in the past.” says Payne. The song is produced by friend & former Deep Blue engineer CD Hova based out of Worcester, MA. Make sure you check out “Winning” now via Warecords on your preferred digital streaming provider now.

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IMAGE: Putchewin Payne