Aza Lineage is making her mark.. we ask the reggae songtress about her hustle, new music and what’s it like to work with the legendary veteran reggae producer King Jammys..

What’s good AZA where is home?

Blessed love, me deh yah giving thanks. Waa gwaan? Jamaica..

Who are some of the well known reggae/ hip hop artists you’ve worked with?

Dennis Brown, LineageSmilez, Asadenaki, BirdzI, and RusteJuxx just to name a few.

When did you start making music do you have a musical background?

I realized my talent from the age 6, there was a small sound system in my yaad (home) during my early childhood years. However the sound system was short lived, as its operator who was my cousin migrated to the US. Music has been apart of my daily life just like most Jamaicans.

It was in 2014 when I relinked with the Lineage Family (we all hail from the same community , Hermitage/AugustTown) knowing of my talent they inspired and full-couraged me, in other words they lit my candle and gave me huge strength to pursue my talent.

Any favorite producer(s) or production team?

Growing up in the 90s I loved Dancehall, the vibes, the culture and the riddims. I now realized that most of the songs and instrumentals I loved was produced by King Jammys (magic moment, china town, sleng etc.) Years later, to be blessed with opportunity to work with King Jammys has been a great experience.

I’ve made connections with some Amazing producers on my journey thus far, nuff love and respect to them. Look out for di works.

Are you open for collabs or remixes with other producers? Who should I contact?

Yes i’m open to collabos and remixes. Ones and ones can up Link King Jammy or

How did you link up with the Legendary King Jammy? How was it recording with such a great producer who has so many hits?

Kevin reached out to King Jammy and he invited us to the studio in Water House I auditioned and in the middle of the song he stopped me, and say “alright ease up yuh too bad” and on that same day he approved I we went inside the studio and recorded a track.

Working with King Jammy’s is great experience, he’s very respectful and hard working, “him know wah him a do”. Big up King Jammys every time di real Dancehall Dada!

How long did it take you to record “Real Love” respect to Dennis Brown and will there be more coming from you and King Jammy?

Recording “Real Love” with the Dennis Brown was smooth we were done recording in about 30 minutes. I got the Dennis Brown recording from King Jammy to take home and listen so I had written and studied my part before recording it. Yes I, definitely there is more works in the pipeline with King Jammys and myself. Look Out for it.

What next for you, upcoming shows or other future projects we should know about?

As mentioned above nuff works inna di pipeline follow me on all social media @azalineage to be updated on my shows, musical progress and up coming works.

Last words or shout outs??

Nuff love, respect everytime. Special shout outs to all the ones that have helped me on my journey and made a positive connection with me musically.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Aza Lineage