Big up! Wordsworth, he recently took time out for us in this interview. He tells us about his latest release and new album dropping May 24th titled “Champion Sounds”.

Peace Wordsworth where’s home?

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but now I reside in Florida.

Tell us about “Live On Air” and how did you get Pearl Gates and Rasheed Chappell on the track??

“Live on Air” is produced by Quincey Tones from the U.K. The album Champion Sounds is a collaboration album between me, Pearl Gates, and Quincey Tones. Once we heard the track we liked the grimy vibe it had. We felt Rasheed’s voice and street lyricism would be the perfect fit.

May 5th will be Rawkus Record’s “Lyricist Lounge Volume One” 21st anniversary, where you ever affiliated with the label?

I never was an artist on Rawkus Records, that has been a misconception for years. I think because I appeared on some of their projects, people assumed I was signed there. Congrats to them!

We heard famous dj’s and emcee’s from the so called 90’s era hip hop say they get more love over seas? Is that your experience?

Yeah, I agree, overseas the radio and functions are more of melting pot of music. You may hear a commercial artist that’s currently releasing music, and then the next song an artist from 90’s or earlier. This allows the audience to make up their minds of what they think without being tainted by marketing and date information.

In your opinion why do you think so many of our youth or the hood tend to co-sign mumble rap or so called hip hip that’s not very constructive for us or society as a whole??

I think each generation support their generation, that could be with clothing, athletes, or whatever is popular. I think the posting of violent videos is what takes it to another level. Posting fights, guns, and anything to get attention because social media has made us addicted to attention. I actually don’t have notifications on my social media accounts. I only see the messages when I check my social media. Anyone to anything of urgency I can be emailed, called or texted.

What do you see as the key to longevity in this biz?

The key to longevity is song writing about things people relate to, and also finding dope producers. The production is more important than your rhymes.

If you could choose one of these gadgets like a cloaking device or cape that would allow you to fly what would you pick and why?

The cloak, usually those tend to have powers to make you disappear when you choose to.

Your goals for the rest of 2019?

May 24th Champion Sounds drops, I’m going to continue to work on my book, and also continue working on my solo album.

Last words or shout outs??

Shout out to Pearl Gates, Quincey Tones, and my group EMC. Also, follow me on instagram: WordsworthBklyn, on Twitter: Wordsworth_emc. Thanks for the interview.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Wordsworth