In a world of cookie cutter mainstream rap its always a delight to hear raw underground boombap hip-hop. Today we introduce Michigan rapper, emcee and lyricist BTG..

Peace BTG, what city are you from?

I’m from Saginaw, Michigan Aka Sagnasty..

How long you been at your craft?

I’ve been dealing with music officially since 13 & been doing it professionally around 16. I’ve always had a connection with music going back to my uncle who introduced me to hip-hop at an early age.

How did you get started in the business?

For years I would write, record and edit all my best tracks and send them to the big labels in L.A. and in Ny. But I decided to just do it seriously on my own with some contacts I had with former Wu-tang personnel who appreciated the music I created over classic WU era beats.

How did you meet up with Stainless Mgmt?

A. BTG: Eventually around 2012, I met my music industry and business mentor, Now manager who helped me establish an upcoming brand, known as BTG. And As we both linked together, we’ve been able to make moves by helping build this indie media group to show real culture and creativity is still a factor in this new generation.

What releases do you have out now, people should know about?

A. BTG: First off, My mixtape ‘GNCDEX’ which is now at 45K views on Datpiff, was my 1st project and was made over a 5 year period with freestyles on legendary beats from wu tang, biggie, Mobb deep and also new school tracks from Logic, Joey Badass & dizzy Wright (s/o flint). My Newest takes aim at this new generation of wack rappers, while paying homage & respect to the golden era of Hip-hop…GncdeXXL, which I released on March 9th as a tribute to Notorious BIG’s Death & Legacy. The mixtape has production from Stainless DJ’s along with classic New York beats

Upcoming projects you working on?

A. BTG: Right now, BTG and the Mindpower team are focusing on building our brands to lay a platform for future projects to succeed and also exposing to the new wave of artists and media that you be young and successful by making talented music instead of the trend.

What message you want fans to take away form your music?

A. BTG: Overall, I just want the people that enjoy lyricism and bars and 90s era elements inside the songs to keep supporting realness in the art and avoid all that rock & pop music that’s influencing the type of rap music that’s becoming the norm in mainstream. So like the great prodigy said “Support Reality Rap not Fantasy Crap”. Because even when the real music is created thru fictional characters, it’s based on real life situations and life lessons for fans to relate to. So Most Importantly, we want the real rap back in the front.

Do you do collabs? How should other producers and artist get in contact with you? Info?

A. BTG: With Me being from a small city, I rarely find skilled rappers who I would want on my track, however the ones who are nice, are not taking it as serious as those average artists. But we always look for connections and relationships to make, so if they’re on social media, like Instagram or Facebook & Twitter, then we can always be reached for anything business related or otherwise. But for direct contact and info, the BTG email is: and my personal email is:

Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

I see myself still recording and pushing BTG while pursuing a bigger career in hip-hop. By 2020, I can visualize MindPower continue to be successfully independent as a label and also Stainless Promotions being a pioneer network for MCs, DJs, & Producers who are solely independent and for the culture.

Any live shows or tours?

A. BTG: Currently we don’t have upcoming shows or tours, but are always open to booking requests and artist meetings, interviews etc..

Last words or shouts outs?

A. BTG: My last words are dedicated to the infamous prodigy of Mobb Deep and those who suffer from the chronic illness known as “sickle cell anemia”. Also my final thoughts go to XXL Magazine, their Freshman class and the entire mumble rap wave for giving me the fuel and motivation needed to ink “GncdeXXL” Out Now on Datpiff, Audiomack & My Social Media..

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed