Velocity is 16 yr old honor student and rapper who likes to have fun. The ATL native has a new video “Wild Out” which has over 3000 views. We got a chance to ask her about her goals, talents and how she feels about the roles of young women in hip hop please share.

Hello Velocity where you from?

I’m from College Park, Georgia. Born and Raised!

How long have you’ve been rapping?

I have been rapping and actually taking it serious for about 2 years now.

Who makes your beats?

Young D from Trap Team Beats produces my beats.

Would you consider yourself a lyricist or mumble rapper?

I would consider myself a lyricist. I like to make sure my songs both mean something , have a lot of bars, and is very catchy.

What do you think about the portrayal of young women in today’s hip hop? Do you think anything needs changing?

I do feel like a lot of people target female rappers like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B because they are portrayed in a more provocative way, however I do not feel like all women in hip hop have to be provocative in order to be successful. Female artists like Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill definitely showed me this. What I would say in Nicki’s and Cardi’s defense is they portray a very aggressive and respectable image that I do look up to. There talent allows them to be compared to not only women but men as well and I wish to do the same.

Any other talents?

I do have other talents. I can dance a little, draw, I’m athletic, and I’m also really smart.

What are your goals for the rest of 2019?

My goal for 2019 would be to perform at more schools and parties. Also, I would like to finish my mixtape and start working on another one. And I would love to start traveling from state to state to perform my new single Wild Out.

Any shows coming up?

I do have some birthday parties to perform at and my team and I are actually working on getting me to perform halftimes.
Most definitely. They can hit me up on Instagram @v3locity_1, twitter @v3locity_ and my email is on there as well.

Shout outs?

I wanna give a shout out to my family, my supporters, my team which is Sparks Management, Meat, Young D, and Segrin from So Gorilla Films!!

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed