Let’s take it back to the beats when rap was hardcore..rocking in the streets with the Kane’s and the RA’s more, Lyrics by the pound plus how you gon lose.. with Dj Double KK on the ones and Twos.. When it comes to Hip-Hop long gev, masterful mixing, style, finesse and the esssence of Hip-hop cultures raw diggity..

While entertaining all in the midsts of staying rock you, and rock a party relevant, there’s no doubt that Dj Double KK has it all .. and then some… and if you don’t know don’t ask somebody. Look him up!!! Meanwhile hop on the Mighty Rebelution train to take a trip with us down Double KK lane and get to know some funky facts about this maestro behind the music..

Peace DJ Double KK, how are you and where are you from?

Peace! Fam I’m good I wanna first start off by giving thanks to you guys for this Interview. I’m originally from the Hill District in PittsBurgh.

When did you first start DJing?

I first started Djing in 1979, that’s when I first put my hand on a turntable.

What was the name of your first pair of turntables and Mixer?

It was actually a close & play component set turntable made by Sound Design, then I up to the TECHNICS SL-210 direct… my first offical mixer I used were a Teledyne & Numark mixer back to back in 1982.

Did you have a mentor in the beginning? Did you have someone to show you the ropes?

Well my mentor & first Dj partner was a guy name Dj “MELLE” MEL P. He was my first Dj partner from “1979-1983”..but the person who made me want to Dj period was the one & only Grandmaster Flash!

Your first Dj battle, where was it and who won?

It was at a place called Wilson’s Banquet Hall on March 20, 1987 I came in first place. You can actually see the flyer & trophy I won in that battle on my Facebook & Ustream pages, and there’s actual audio & video footage as well.. I hope to be getting back soon.

Over the years about how many records have you owned or collected?

WOW!!! I would say about 5,000 but A few years ago I actually donated 60 crates of irrelevent records & kept only the dope joints.. so I would say that I now have about 2,000 solid ,dope & classic records now.

You competed in the DMC championship in 1993? Whats the biggest difference between djs now and then as far as the tricks?

Well the biggest difference with DJ’S now is 90% of them are all biters, because now they can just watch a video & get everything, whereas back then there were no real video’s you could watch ..and the one’s you heard about were hard to get so you had to brainstorm everything from scratch, which led to alot more DJ’S being more original ..and as far as the scratches & routines are concerned I feel some of it’s dope & original, but for the most part they’ve taken it away from what it originally was, there’s nothing left to do but go back to the foundation because everything has been done..and if they keep forcing the so called creativity the art form is going to be eradicated completely!!!!

Your thoughts on hip hop, commercial radio an the roles of a today’s DJ?

Rap & Hip-hop is on it’s last run there’s no way you can sanely say Hip-hop is going to be here 200 years from now unless we again go back to the foundation & start doing Hip-hop & DJing for what it is. We can start by sticking to & using the “original” tools of the trade which is the turntables & not no CD controllers, Ipads, or CDJ’S, like I always say.. that’s like pouring oil into A glass of water & calling it pure water!! But yet these Hip-hop fools still drink it.. and that’s where we are at today with it.

Any shows or events coming up we should know about?

Anticipating the release of female dance music artist “BO BENTON” (Whom I DJ for) new album & promo tour, along with DJ events.

Last words or shouts?

SHOUT OUTS! To my man Lord Ron & Big Noise Radio for this interview, my Ustream ”STORAGE ROOM RADIO” co-host MS.Tiffany for believing in the show & standing strong while others cowardly abondon the show, my girl “Bo Benton” for the energy & inspiration & and all of our Youtube Subscribers of “STORAGE ROOM RADIO” which is now at almost “5,000” and last but not least “GOD” MUCH LOVE!!!

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Dj Double KK