Snowgoons is an underground hip hop production team out of Germany. In today’s interview we chop it up with one of the founding members of the Goons crew Dj Illegal.

Peace Dj Illegal where’s home for the Snowgoons? Who are the members?

We’re all based in Germany beside Sicknature he lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. So the 4 core members are.. Det Gunner, JS Kuster (now called TengoBeatz) & myself DJ Illegal all from Germany and Sicknature is origially from Copenhagen. Our DJ crew is called the Snowgoons DJ’s it consists of DJ Crypt, DJ Danetic, DJ Sixkay, DJ X-Rated & myself.

How long has the Snowgoons been around? Who started it?

Me and Det founded the Snowgoons in 1999 not knowing where this all would go. We just did music for fun pretty much the same as it is today. Without the fun and love for the music we wouldn’t do all this. We never planned on founding our own label and all that. It all came natural and took a long time. Everybody on the team from Sicknature to all the Snowgoons DJ’s bringing in their energy and ideas as well.. so we grew into this big Hip Hop Maschine called Snowgoons.

What is Goon Musick about?

We was never about being a label that was signing other artists, Goon Musick was more of a platform for ourselve’s and close friends to release musick our way with no rules or restrictions.

How does Snowgoons choose artists to be on projects?

It always starts with personal taste. We work with artists we like and that goes for any artists even artwork, mixing or designs. But overall we put our heads together and start discussing about artists that we feel and think would be a good or interesting match on a Snowgoons beat.

About how many countries have the Goons toured?

We already toured worldwide from all over Europe to Russia, Canada, USA, South America and Philippines. Maybe Australia and Japan are missing as one of our dreams. I personally traveled to Africa and other places as a DJ for Onyx.

Favorite hip hop city(s) or countries to rock??

It used to be Zurich in Switzerland as one of the main spots but now it actually doesn’t matter. It’s all about the people at the show. We’ve had really big shows 10,000 people and also rocked small shows with under 100 people… but sometimes if a small crowd gives you that energy its all fun. So it really doesn’t matter how many people at the show. When we do our thang and people feeling it, we gonna enjoy it as well.

Strangest place toured?

Maybe Faroe Island was a crazy show. If you look that lil island up you gonna be like wtf. But it was a dope festival and Sicknature hooked it up. Def a life time memory.

How is performing in easten europe compared to the west?

Eastern Europe is definately a bit more pure and raw. The Hip Hop heads in the east appreciate the real Rap shit so its always fun rocking in the east.

What do the Goons do in their spare time?

I personally do this Hip Hop shit 24/7. I wake up and handle all the online store stuff, label work and going right into the social media part. In the evening mostly i dedicate the time for the music like doing new beats, fixing tracks or diggin samples. Sicknature just started doing this music thing full time also, so he takes time to write a lot since he is the only rapper in the crew. But also constantly doing beats. Kuster just started a new label with some German Hip Hop friends and is busy doing music as well. That goes pretty much for everybody in the crew. Our whole life is surrounded by Hip Hop!

Favorite thing to eat/drink on the road?

Its always tuff to find good food on the road. It’s mainly up to the travel, touring/ event because once you hit a city there is not much time to explore and choose a nice place. 90% of the time you just have to hit the late night kebab or fast food spot that’s open late cause its already 1 or 2 at night and not many options left. But i can tell you most of the Snowgoons are not into heavy drinking.

Last words or shouts outs?

I want to thank yall for the interview because the media is a big part of the support we’re getting. I can speak for the whole team and as much as it sounds cliche or corny but we do keep Hip Hop alive and we breath and live this shit 100%. Make sure you support Snowgoons/ Goon MuSick and check our new online store we got a lot of goodies right there. Peace!!!

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Snowgoons