Hip-hop/electro fusion pioneer Dj/producer, T-R 808 King, CEO and label owner The Egyptian Lover has been doing it his way from day one. In this interview the 808 god drops names of some classic west coast dj/emcee crews and tells us what jams where hot back when he started spinnin.

Peace Egyptian Lover what part of Los Angeles you from?

South Central Los Angeles by Slausen and Central Ave.

What records where hot when you first started djing? What year was it?

1978.. ‘One Nation Under a Groove’ – Funkadelic, ‘Le Freak’ – Chic, ‘You and I’ – Rick James, ‘I like the Girls’ – Fatback..

When would you say was your first experience with hip hop culture?

Rappers Delight – Sugarhill Gang That was the first thing I ever heard like that.

Type of table you was using then?

Belt drive Sony Turntable with custom home made slip mat. And a Tape deck. I only had 1 turntable.

How did you hook up with Uncle Jamm’s Army?

A friend of mine named Snake Puppy told the founder that he was the best promoter but I was the best DJ. So then he gave me a chance to DJ at an Uncle Jams Army Party. I killed it!

They call it electro now we called it rap or hip hop back in the day what did you call your style before they came up with all the catagories?

Egyptian Lover Music!

Who were some dope dj crews back then people dont talk about? Emcee’s??

World Class Wreckin Cru with Dr Dre, L.A. Dream Team with Snake Puppy, Mix Master Spade, Toddy Ted It was a lot that came out after me, too many.

You have a record label who are some of the artists?

Rodney O and Joe Cooley!

What new projects are you working on we should know about?

1986 is in the works. A follow up to 1984 and 1985. You must check these two new albums out now before 1986 drops in 2020.

Advice on what motivates you to stay in the game and stay as relevant as you do?

I love what I do and I do it well.

Last words or shout outs??

Enjoy your Life!

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Egyptian Lover