Peace iCouldBeYu where are you located?

First off, want to say thanks for having me! I am located in Boston, MA, but originally like to think about LoFi Weekly as a community with global origins. I’ve been inspired by those who paved the way for the LoFi, and am excited to continue the focus on building a broader community of creators!

Who is Lofiweekly for?

LoFi Weekly is for any and all creators. We want to inspire and give our fellow creators resources to help them create and spread positivity across the community. Today we do this by sending out a free LoFi Sample Pack to all of our creators each Sunday. I see LoFi ia a genre that is hard to define, a way to express yourself and I don’t think anyone has the right to put you into a box when your being creative. That is why some may not think that all of our kits are LoFi oriented, although I believe LoFi to be a subjective mood /feeling.

Who are some of the artists you feature?

We are still ironing out the long-term plan of featuring particular artists, and how this works. Although we’ve just released an exclusive pack with well-respected reddit user from the LoFi Community, Juesswork. The feedback received has been off the chart over the past few weeks, and we’re working on a few other exclusives and surprises coming soon (so subscribe to our mailing list if you haven’t)!

Can any producers submit beats to you guys? Explain??

Correct, any producer/creator that utilizes our resources is free to submit their work. Not only can they submit beats, but they can also submit any drum samples and/or melodies they create to be potentially released in a future LoFi Weekly Pack. The process is usually to tag us in material on Instagram [@Lofi_weekly] and/or submit material to which directs to myself, and from there we begin analyzing what has been sent, and eventually put together the pack for the upcoming week.

Anything outstanding happen with in the past month we should know about?

Outside of the recent pack release with Juesswork [picture for pack  above], we’re in the process of re-doing the site, and adding some really awesome features. Not only that, we’re planning to start incorporating more exclusive packs by fellow creators who want to give back to the community, so reach out if you’re one!

Any projects or special promotions you have going?

We have a few special things up our sleeve, we’re excited to begin announcing them over the next ~3-5 weeks.

What are your goals for the remaining of 2019?

Incorporating Goals for the remaining of 2019 include: Provide quality resources for our community Grow the LoFi Weekly Community Revamp the website to add additional features and a more creator-friendly experience.

Last words or shout outs??

Again, want to thank you MRCNN Live for taking the time out and inviting me to talk a little more about LoFi Weekly. Shout-out to all of the creators regardless of genre, keep spreading positivity, inspiring others, and creating! From your fellow creator, lets create!

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