In this interview we got to chop it up with Imani Kairee CEO of HipStep Massive LLC and eldest daughter of the late Jungle and Bass pioneer artist, Emcee, Dj and activist T.C. Izlam.

What is HipStep Massive?

HIP hop Influenced Productions Stimulating The Earth People. We are a worldwide cultural movement based in break beat, jungle and hiphop culture. We believe in going green.

What kind of services do you offer?

We offer support through our histep parties and promotion BECAUSE its all about the HIPSTEP IN YOU! Everyones step is different on this planet, we just like to make sure its HIP AND FUNKY! We connect with the best junglists and bboys n bgirls globally!

When discovering new Talent what are you looking for?

Its a movement, we connect with those we come in contact with we love a natural positive vibe.

As an artist and Ceo of hipstep what type of music do you make?

We do it ALL AS DO I! We do not belive in putting limits on our talents, but are still based in jungle, breakbeat and hiphop.

Any hidden talents we should know about?

None hidden here! We lay it all out in the atmosphere. I love to mc , write and host at our hipstep parties. Everyone does something Great, we believe in a strong work ethic and perfecting your craft (though it never really feels like work) whether your a promoter, mc, bboy, bgirl, dj or anthing else.

How much time do you actually get to listen to new music?

Constantly A hipsteppa is always connected to it all and each other.

What do you think the future holds for Hipstep Massive?

We are already Global so we will continue to shoot for the stars and past that eventually! We will continue to embrace our hipstepaz that have been rockin with us since day one and our New and upcoming ones as well for every generation to come.

Some of your goals as a CEO?

There is legacy behind us so I will continue to remember how we started while embarking on new innovative ideas to help and teach the people of the world in positive ways. Continuing to spread the word about going green, good health mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.We all need each other and community is important and not just up the block from you but I mean as people in general. Love and music heals its a known fact and facts don’t change.

Shout out or last words?

Rest in Power T.C. Izlam and thank-you to all my family, friends and Hipstepaz keeping the movement in motion!

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Hipstep Massive – Website | Facebook
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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Imani Kairee