Take a walk into MRC’s kitchen. Today we give you.. Louisville’s own.. home grown, gristle to ya bone, spots gettin blown.. C4 to the core, rhymes beats galore and more.. ya bout ta know him now if ya didn’t before…
you know how we do.. A litte bit of this and that.. and some of that and this …with an added Lil twist to bring you what you need. Even if you dont know it….as LKY’S multi talent artist “N.A.T.I.V.E.” let’s you.. Step into his world….so.. without futher ADO… hailing from diverse university, check out the roots of a musical master chef.. who’s keeping the oven on fire with recipes by the score…

Peace Native, thanks for the interview.. what’s good?

No problem bruh your welcome. Living life to the fullest as a single father.. stayin focused and priority driven.

Where are you from and where is home now?

I was born and raised in Louisville KY. and currently reside in Atlanta GA.

Your first experience with hip hop culture?

Breakdancing!!! (B-Boying) The battles where insane!! Gettin arrested because you dressed as a B-Boy.

You rap and produce beats which skill came first or did you develop both at the same time?

I would say musically, production because I’ve been a drummer since five years old playing in churches and traveling with my mother as she played piano for various gospel groups. I really didn’t start rapping until the early 90’s in Germany with my mayne man Bo Stone. We formed a political rap duo called Point Blakk.

Who or what inspires you to create music?

The Creator.

Your all time favorite hip hop artist? Can you tell us why?

Tupac Shakur. His music made him like the Marvin Gaye of our time. Timeless and still resonates to this day. He showed his vunerablity and transparency as an artist which is as real as it gets and the music was nothing short of soul!

How you do feel about commercial radio?

Love hate relationship. Nice to have but can live without.

Any projects you working we should know about?

40 Plus with an artist by the name of Jozee welz out of Detroit MI. Returning to the essence of good music, lyrics, subject matter and morals….for the most part lol..

How can promoters and artists contact you for shows or collabs?

Get @ me here ..trxlamic@hotmail.com

Any last words?

Allah Ahkbar!!!!

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IMAGE: N. A. T. I. V. E