Upcoming new artist D-Twizt Twizted has been making a lot of noise in his city. We ask this upcoming ninja about new projects, his town and other hidden talents.

Peace Twizted where’s home?

Louisville ky.

How long you been doing music?

for 4 years ..

Are you in a group(s)? Who are the other members?

Yes the other artist is D33zy N@tion.

Any new music, Whats it about?

Jinchuriki Leo’s Pride and Poizonouz Sl@ughtah they’re two dope projects about my perspectives.

What do you hope your fans get from your music?

New thought n perception on lyfe.

In your opinion how’s the hip hop scene in the Louisville?

The hiphop scene in my city is confused and focused at the same tyme.

Do you consider yourself a mumble rapper or an emcee?


Other hidden talents?

I roller blade and I can create my own skates.

Your goals for 2019?


Shout out or last words?

Show out the universe for putting me at the right place at the right tyme.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: D-Twizt Twizted